Money often costs too much. –Ralph Waldo Emerson

2 Entrepreneurs work from home, both sell online as their main source of income, one tries paid advertising over social media networks and the other goes organic utilising influencers, so what works and what doesn’t?

Fred sells IT services via online seminars and education, he creates taster videos and has a good You Tube Channel filled with many videos he has created and he utilizes the best keywords for the videos. However most of his videos have less than 20 views per video, mainly because Fred has an average social media reach of a few hundred people, he doesn’t get Twitter or LinkedIn never mind the rest of it all.

Like many people he feels somewhat let down by the online system he was sold, he is well versed on making videos that are watchable and give away information that is useful to the watcher, and he utilizes the best key phrases, yet he knows that with so few views he will hardly sell anything without some help.

Fred sometimes feels that you could have the ‘elixir for happiness in a bottle’ but without paid advertising it could takes years by word of mouth for it to go ‘household.’

Fred decides to give Facebook advertising a go, he heard from a lot of people that Google ads is a lost cause now, and that so many competitors have systems now to click you out of business,  this scares him, he knows that Facebook ads have a better more targeted audience so he decides to try it out.

Fred is in trouble though, because he hopes a last ditch Facebook campaign will be the answer to all his ‘getting exposure for his videos’ woes. If you are in business you know by now that every aspect must come with great learning to be a master, and being a novice could cost you dear!

As jenny Shih puts it in her blog

When you’re new to business (or even new-ish), you’re missing some of the key components required to be successful with Facebook ads. Things like:

  • The exact language your clients are using
  • An opt-in page you know works
  • An opt-in offer you know your subscribers love
  • Auto-responders that turn subscribers into hot prospects
  • A proven offer people actually want to buy
  • A process that turns prospects into paying clients

Until you have these pieces in place, and more importantly, know that they actually and consistently work, spending money on Facebook ads is like playing poker against a pro. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll lose all of your money.

Think about it this way: If you don’t know the exact language your clients are using, you can’t create ads that will make potential clients click.

Even if they do click the ad, you then need compelling copy on your opt-in page before you’ll get their email address.

social media infuencers on Netmedia Edge

social media infuencers on Netmedia Edge

Even if you get lucky there, you then need the right opt-in offer to show them you’re great at what you do plus the right auto-responders to get them curious about your services.

Then you need an offer they’re interested in. And even from there, a consult and follow-up process that converts them into paying clients.

Bottom line: You need to know that everything you have in place is working (meaning you know you can reliably and consistently move people from not knowing a lick about you to actually paying you money) before you should spend a nickel on ads.

Regardless of Jenny’s sound advice; Fred puts $500 into Facebook advertising and he even kind of expects it to fail because he is very disillusioned with digital marketing and this at least will prove to himself that time AND money just does not work for small business people anymore!

Guess what he was right.

There are those who think they can and there are those who think they can’t they are both right

money and tine Netmedia Edge

Money V Time

You need around 10 years of ‘natural social media growth’ and to have been a pioneer to grow a following on social media when it was easy to do so around the early 2000’s and then you need around the same time it takes to get a BA in marketing (not counting the cost of a degree) to have a fair grip of what you are doing with internet marketing activities before spending a great deal of time and money, whilst running a business, through trial and error.

In Fred’s case he would have saved himself an ulcer hiring a marketing person for $100 k a year!

Justin sell software online via direct sales. He has a similar social media reach to Fred of a few hundred people, and like most business people has little time to utilise all the digital marketing avenues.

Justin tries the opposite approach to Fred and seeks out a social media influencer, someone who has a grip on the digital market place over many years, is a blogger who has their own website with a strong foothold on social media with many thousands of followers in groups and pages on Facebook, many thousands of contacts on LinkedIn, followers on Twitter and Instagram, to name a few.

Justin finds a social media influencer who is a business blogger because their audience is likely to be the same target market as Justin’s ideal clients.

Justin pens a few good blogs, pays and submits them to the influencer who shares across their network, and the influencer being an experienced digital marketing pro, even has a WeChat business account and does their own effective paid ads on Google and Facebook meaning Justin can concentrate on what he enjoys in his comfort zone, feeding his passion whilst enjoying his work.

The blogs are well received as they come as a recommendation from a person of trust, like a third party referral that can never be disputed. Justin receives a lot of leads and converts them to sales, not to mention expanding his core message and developing brand trust.

If you use networks that are proven to work by someone already, isn’t that better than ‘gambling’ on a few hundred dollars ‘punt’ on paid advertising?

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