The pain in the process

Why do some people look for the hard way to do everything and creating problematic processes for themselves?

The path to enlightenment is knowing there is suffering. When you can accept there are things that happen in life that you have no control over, you can then let it go and find inner peace.

Process is a scary word to me, it sounds expensive, it feels like there is many people with reams of bureaucracy for me to try and stop me getting what I want quicker.

When I was a Salesman we called admin the SPD (Sales Prevention Department) as they presented what we felt where obstacles to getting the sale, a bit unfair really as they had to cross the ‘T’s and dot the ‘I’s to make sure the deal was good and professionally completed. But I often felt that a newer group of brooms would sweep cleaner, in other words were they really working to make the process easier or relying on old methods that actually hindered sales?

The fitness world is desperate to come up with a product that can bring back your 6 pack stomach muscles without crunches or sit-ups as a pain free product offering, but genuine athletes know this will never happen naturally.

marketing abdominals on Biz-find

Marketing Abdominals

Oh sure they are invasive cosmetic procedures where you can go under the knife so to speak, and through liposuction suck away the fat to ‘reveal’ your natural abdominal muscles, but at great financial cost, and I feel, due to the fact that it has taken no long term pain or discipline learning for you to get there, you can easily fall back into your ‘standard dietary habits’ and hide your 6 pack again in a matter of a few weeks.

The Pharmaceutical world has survived for centuries on the fact that it is easy to swallow a pill. We have all been indoctrinated to believe that this tiny painless process of pill popping will cure disease, make us happier and healthier.

Whatever you sell; sell convenience.

There is an old saying that ‘Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but no one wants to die for it’

Relating to the fact that everyone wants something but cannot or won’t pay the price.

Sometimes though I see many people who are guilty of over complicating the processes.

There is a shipping agent in Southeast Asia who told me a story that makes me laugh to this day, but succinctly indicates how a simple process can be a pain staking process.

One of his clients ordered 50 chairs and asked for the delivery direct to his warehouse to pack for delivery overseas. The shipping agent turned up to find 100 chairs had been delivered, no big deal, happens often in this game he thought, he called the chair company up explained the simple mistake and they told him they will come next day to remove. The Agent turned up next day to find they took all 100 chairs back, and the following day returned with 50!

Yes a one day job turned into a three day job!

Ask yourself are you making what should be a simple process into a difficult one? Time is the most expensive component of business and life, you can never get it back!

The profit in the process

If someone invents a teleportation pod where one could get in one pod in New York and instantaneously appear in Sydney, or any other route you care to think of, then you have removed a massive  time and money expensive process involving taxis, planes, hotels passports, suitcases etc. etc.

Travel planning on Netmedia Edge

Travel process

If it was safe and tested and became eventually affordable, would you buy a trip in the teleportation pod? I know I would! It would however put millions out of work an costing industry trillions, identifying you as a target for professional retirement!

Some say ‘it’s the journey’ that makes it worthwhile, so if that is the case why do you fly everywhere when you could cycle across continents taking in the full experience?

Time mainly!

The painful ‘lead generation’ process

In business I see so many people cold calling for hours and hours when all schools of thought know that it is counterproductive in this day and age, but they refuse to let go.

I see so many people going to 3-5 networking events each week, meeting the same people and spending a lot of time trying to find the few new people to meet. It can get quite boring ‘fishing’ in the same lake all the time.

Social media offered a life line for cheap branding and marketing for S.M.E.’s and startups, well a few years ago maybe, today unless you have 3-6 months’ time and money free to write and publish 20 odd blogs a month, the same time again to beg friends and customers to like your page and follow you on Twitter to gain a decent following, and a decent budget for paid ads because the free edge rank has diminished to less than 0.001% of your friends and followers to see your posts now, then you are wasting your time!

I know of so many business who pay a fortune to attend trade shows when I also know people who make a lot more money turning up as a visitor and selling to the show stall holders!

Unless you have a huge social media following and, or, you have been contacting people every day for months beforehand to drum up business for the show, you may find a massive hole in your budget!

But still people battle on regardless with the old; ‘what got me here will get me there’ attitude. Times are a changing and so must you.

NetMedia Edge have over 500,000 real people on social media and have ten online business directories attracting over 35,000 visitors to our sites each month so we have done all the hard work since 2009 so that you can now register free (in return for you to tell us what you are buying right now) on our sites and be seen and contacted.

Added to that we find out every day the things our 5,000 user added members want to buy, so all you have to do is go to our site and click sales leads to see our buyers and what they want to buy and if you find one or two business decision makers who are have a business you can supply to, click and call them today!

Biz-find_sales leads

Biz-find_sales leads

This is what I call getting rid of the painful process of lead generation that believe it not, you don’t have to do these days to survive and taking you directly to the warm qualified sales leads, making you more profitable and happier!