Facebook have recently announced  that their algorithm is going to go through another drastic, major change and what this means to business is; the organic reach, meaning; the amount of people who liked your fan page or business page and their close circle of friends, will see what you post on your page even less now, so much so that it has made it virtually ineffective to post anything for free,

The old method of getting 20 of your staff to like and comment on your posts won’t work anymore, which gratefully should mean and end to phone farms and meaningless manipulation for profits.

The age of the blogger has arrived.

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It took a long time, but we, who write for a living, can breathe a sigh of relief as we are now going to get knocks on the door from the business community with cap in hand and cheque book ready.

“Oh please, Alan we need consistent and regular blog posts, please write for us, we have 10,000 likes on Facebook but less than 5% are actually seeing anything we post unless we pay, and Facebook is telling us we now have to give more native content, whatever that is”

“You need native content and a budget for promoting your ads.” I tell them! “Even in a world of A. I.; no robot will be able to write blogs like a human can for decades to come, I am sure!”

Facebook’s new algorithm is being spun by Mr. Z. and co like they really care about feeding your timeline with more posts from your friends and family with more information about what is important to you.

 What I see in their ‘spin’ is; free organic reach of business postings is now truly dead and not worth bothering with, so now how are you going to be more altruistic and entertaining, and more importantly; how do you want to pay?

Facebook is now making business work harder to make it more interesting to you. The correlation between how the value of Facebook shares have gone up since the free organic has gone down, is as loud and clear as Chinese New Year fire crackers, yet still many won’t hear and sleep through one of the most significant changes to Facebook since it started!

You now have to ask yourself; why are you in business? What are you passionate about? How can you relate this passion to your targeted audience? How can you make it entertaining and memorable?

Many companies who supply what they would consider mundane items, must be panicking wondering how to entertain people with their product offering of say; Manhole covers.

Great marketers are scared of no subject matter, Manhole covers for example play a small but vital role in the health and prosperity of the people of a town or city, if our men could not get down to the underground and check on our sewerage systems it could have catastrophic consequences, think Cholera!

So much to write about with public health and diseases, as a reader you would soon feel how important manhole covers are, and if you wrote the blogs, your readers will know who is the chief spokesperson is, how passionate you are, and there will be no other Manhole cover competitors ‘in their pipeline’ so to speak.

The art of sales is and has always been helping someone to make up their own mind and become excited to buy something. It should never be about manipulation, you only need to be manipulative when you feel your product isn’t good enough! When your target market is excited the sale comes naturally. So how to develop this online and seamlessly broadcast a product or service message on Facebook?

Tell your story

Since man discovered fire we all love stories, rhymes and fables we tell help our children develop ethics and morals, then later movies tell people who are the bad guys and who not to trust anymore.

Don’t you think it is noticeable how in the 1950’s the baddies in Hollywood movies were either Nazis or Communists now it is middle eastern looking people? There is an eerie controlling conspiracy in there somewhere.

Stories are the key for any business to get a message across. James Bond movies to me are the longest running adverts for designer watches, tuxedos and sports cars that has even been made and we pay to go and watch.

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Bond Omega Marketing

Give a good story and help your target audience first: Reciprocation will be the key, give without thinking first, and the people will want to give back to you.

Think of how magicians will sometimes show you how a trick is done, this shows them off as experts and leaders and the general public will then want to go and see them more.

Your content strategy has to be about how you can educate your audience in your subject matter or a peripheral subject in an entertaining way and in turn, your education for them will demonstrate your expertise. You must give away tricks and tips to help them foremost and they will in return want to do business with you.

If you sat down with your team and brainstormed about how to relate your business in an entertaining but professional way then you will be able to win over more business and Facebook’s new algorithm at the same time, then you will pass Facebook’s test and the result will be your message see by more on social media.

If you are creatively challenged contact Netmedia Edge we can probably help.

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