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Netmedia Southeast Asia’s leading digital marketing company and business directories with sales leads combining with Compass Edge the leading name in Hospitality marketing for Western companies to reach out to the greater Chinese market online.

First Press Release: publish date 16/01/2018

Compass Edge extends their reach in the digital world with Joint Venture with Netmedia based in Thailand.

Digital Marketing as a whole has just gotten much easier for business with the combination of Compass Edge; the leaders in China-Western cross-cultural hospitality branding, and; Netmedia the top digital marketing consultancy in Thailand who also manage the No 1 sales leads directories known as Biz-find.

The Venture is now called ‘Netmedia Edge’

“It can sometimes take years to find your best partner who has the same ideals and passion for what you do, sometimes you are lucky and find your Investor quickly, for me I was never about compromise, sacrificing so much holding on to this idea for my business, so I waited patiently to meet Anita from Compass Edge, which only took 9 years! It was just a matter of time.

I hope our story is inspiration to all entrepreneurs that if you hold on to your idea, work tenaciously and wait for the right time, nothing can stop you.

I have had offers before, but the investors we had to turn down had different ideas and wanted to take the business down paths I was not so familiar with, and I was consistently dead set on keeping the idea of being a ‘sales Leads providing website’ at the heart of what we stand for, and Anita from Compass Edge loved the idea the same way we do”

Alan Johnston Netmedia’s Director told us from Pattaya Thailand.

Alan Johnston Netmedia Edge Director

Alan Johnston Netmedia Edge Director

“I truly believe if you have a business that is ‘uncomfortably unconventional’ from the start, that’s a good sign, as long as you can make the benefits simple for the end user you are on to a winning idea.

Our back story is very simple enough:

I have a 25-year career in direct sales from B2C selling vacuum cleaners door to door in the 1980’s to large capital equipment sales to B2B in the 2000’s, and in my career, I met many other sales people and we all agreed:

‘If we could all spend more time in front of people who are decision makers, want to buy what we sell, have the cash, and want to buy today, how much more enjoyable and profitable our jobs would be?’

The pain for all sales people is sales lead generation, and too many businesses are selling these ‘stepping stones’ whereas we sell the end result; the buyer right now!

Almost every sales person spends too much time trying to find people to sell to, and is all consumed with sales leads generation actives like; cold calling, networking and social media.

The Internet has not made it any easier, even though it promised so much to open the world for business people, all it has done is become more complex and sadly introduced another lead generation activity for sales people and small business owners to learn about and get involved in; creating pages on Facebook, blogging, tweeting, bookmarking, sales pages, SEO, and email marketing just for starters.

In 2012 we created our first online business directory for marketing our business members to, and sharing their listings to our 500,000-social media reach of ‘real people that took us 9 years to build through over 2 million words on altruistic blog posts.

We find our sales leads by asking our members and non-members to tell us what they are buying and then we pass on this valuable information to our listed members, so Biz-find sites became a ‘sales and marketing team’ for our listed businesses.

We have different packages for more leads and more branding, so that sales people and business owners can get on with selling and improving their bottom line.

We now have a biz-find site in ten countries, 8 in Southeast Asia and the US and UK. We also offer a full suite of digital marketing services.

Our new partners; Compass Edge are a leading marketing and branding consultancy based in Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK, they consult hospitality business outside of China on the best ways to get their business seen by the Chinese market, bringing over a billion very internet savvy users back in the scope of Western business where they were inaccessible before.

AnitaChan Director Netmedia Edge

Anita Chan Director Netmedia Edge

They help business get over the Chinese firewall, SEO to be ranked higher on Baidu, the biggest Search engine in China, create Chinese friendly content marketing strategies through sites like Weibo, and can expand any Western Hotel on Wechat, the Chinese version of Facebook, and even have their own Hotel booking portal.”

“Compass Edge has been very successful with our China-ready online strategy for hotels, but we understand that many properties may want to work with one company for all of their online needs. I am absolutely convinced that it is hard to be an expert for both China and the West, NetMedia is a perfect partner that will address this,” said Anita Chan (pictured),

“So, to add this extra untapped dimension to our business and to be able to bring the Chinese market to all our current Biz-find members from every single business sector, was a no-brainer for us.” Alan concluded.

Netmedia Edge who manage the Biz-find directories will expand their marketing and sales activities across Southeast Asia in 2018. Their mission is to become the one site all business owners and sales people turn to every day to market their business on the internet and on social media and to pick up a sales lead or two every single day.

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