We would all be more successful if people came to us instead of us looking for them.

How do you turn a buyer’s market into a sellers’ market and sit back as people beat a path to your door as you turn away expensive marketing people as you just don’t need them?

That’s the dream anyway!

Three things you need to have for more success:

1.Location, location, location

This advice is not just for property people, it’s for everyone, you could be the most beautiful woman inside and outside, but if you live in the mountains of Siberia, you can be forgiven for thinking no one wants to date you!

Are you selling Ice Cream in the North Pole? then consider a move to Bali! Or perhaps your ocean is full of people selling the same thing and there is not so much different abut you. Blue Ocean strategy is a theory based on moving to areas to sell something completely different where they are fewer competitors and then watch how easier life becomes.

Your average dolphin won’t find his dinner at Walmart!

Target marketing with Netmedia Edge

Target marketing

What is your target market? What does your customer look like? When you know your customer inside and out, you will know where they are and how to approach them will come naturally to you.

For example; if you sell school text books, you will be probably be seen hob-nobbling at Parent Teacher Associations, School fairs, and on Teaching groups on social media. If you sell class 2 drugs you will probably be found in red light districts and at Night clubs.

 Where do you hang out to find your target market?

2.The best ever Mousetrap

What do you have that you are so excited about that will answer a human problem? Better to spend more time coming up with your prototype and then launch it when you are very confident and if it does actually solve that issue, you won’t have to do much more.

Lincoln once said; “If I had a month to cut down a tree I’d spend 29 days sharpening my axe”

There is a school of though that say better to have a mediocre product and great marketing than a fantastic product and mediocre marketing, but I say why not go the whole hog and maximize your chances of success by producing a fantastic product or service and I as your fantastic marketing person will love it, then we have the recipe for success.

In 25 years of direct sales before I moved into marketing I will say if you do not 100% believe in your offering and are completely sold on it, you will NEVER SELL successfully!

Make them come to you with a fantastic unique selling point.

3.The subtle art of reciprocation

Back foot selling is where you are struggling and discounting to get the sale, it means you have not developed the trust levels needed and you are weaker than the buyer, they are firmly in control and don’t need your product as much as you need to sell it. Sadly, most sales people are in this discounting and back foot selling game until the price finally kills the business.

The real art of sales is to create excitement and help the buyer to see for themselves that this is the right thing to buy right now, and before you can get to that level you need to develop trust.

Give first the art of reciprocation

Give first the art of reciprocation

Today In business you must first expand your online footprint with altruistic blogging and sharing useful content which takes months and you will need cash flow to eat in that time. I don’t recommend the Entrepreneurial path I took, which is to try make original mistakes and do it without thinking and learn along the way how to keep your bank manager happy with no cash, and how to not eat for a few days at a time!

You also need to attend shows and meet clients at networking events to show them you are serious and are in it for the long term. You will need the cash for this as well don’t forget!

Another way to reciprocate is to learn all about your client and go the extra mile to understand their issues. One thing you could do is help them find some connections that may be useful to them first.

Think about it; among the wall of spammy messages you get on LinkedIn, if you saw a message where someone said they have a connection that may become a client and they facilitate the introduction for you. Wouldn’t that be useful to you and memorable? Then you will automatically want to do business with that person.

Give first and give without expecting is the key.

Bonus secret: Sales Leads

Sales Leads are the holy grail for business, they are a warm introduction where someone is expecting your call and is in the market to buy, ask any sales person, they will tell you have a 90% chance of closing this kind of business and sales leads are the most profitable as you have not had to do any lead generation activities to meet this potential customer. The more ‘warm sales leads’ you have the more profitable your company will be.

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